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Vision for Children is a charity for kids. We want to ensure all kids are able to SEE and have full access to the possibilities of clear sight. Often kids who are from disadvantaged circumstances have to go without.

When people are struggling to find even the basic necessities something like glasses for the beloved children can be a luxury. Yet, with the help from Tom Vanderpool and Vision for Children, these youth are able to have access to the tests and corrective lenses that can bestow the hope and joy of seeing clearly.

In places like the Bahamas when a child is not able to see clearly. They easily fall behind. The parent’s blame the teachers the teachers blame the parents but rarely does anyone ask the child what the issue is. That is till Dr. Tom comes to town. The people of Bimini know that the children of this island will have a new opportunity. They know the kids he sees will have a new zest for a clear new world.

Join us in helping Tom, Susan Vanderpool and the rest of us in helping kids SEE a clearer future.