SEEing Their Future

The first year we met little Paige, a first grader, her mom was convinced that her daughter’s teacher was to blame for Paige’s inability to learn at the same rate as her classmates. After Dr. Vanderpool examined her, he discovered that Paige had a very large tumor in her brain, and strongly suggested that she take Paige to a major medical facility for further testing and treatment, thereby saving her life.

Sierra’s first exam was as a 2nd grader. She had been diagnosed as being a slow learner. Since the Bahamian school system does not have resources to provide specialized services, special needs children simply get herded along.  Through Vision for Children’s services, she was found to have extremely poor vision. Once she received her corrective glasses and could see, she zoomed to the top of her class and is now on the Honor Roll. She now has a very promising future.

Lisa was a 3rd grader with poor communication ability due to recently immigrating from Haiti to Bimini. Because of her youth and language barrier, Dr. Vanderpool was initially unable to effectively diagnose the full scope of her vision problems. Over the next three years, Lisa’s communication skills improved.  Dr. Vanderpool was then able to discover her right eye, that he once thought was non-functioning, actually was functional; albeit with an extremely strong prescription. Since corrective glasses are not possible at such a strong prescription, surgery would be necessary. It wouldn’t be for another three years, as a ninth grader, that Lisa would be mature enough for surgical intervention.  We are very excited to share that Lisa will be coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma in August 2017 for surgery to replace her natural lenses. Not only will Lisa enjoy 20/20 vision, she will be able to see her mother’s face for the very first time.